About Princeton Sports

Princeton Sports opened its doors in 1936 and in the past 83 years we’ve learned that passion drives our business, which translates into making sure our customers get the maximum amount of fulfillment out of their sports. Princeton Sports remains a family owned and operated business to this day. Our love of sports dates back three generations to our founders Samuel and Lucille Davis. Their love of cycling led them to open the first Princeton Sports in Baltimore City which rented and repaired bikes for local residents. Over the years we have become the source for sports enthusiasts who know exceptional service when they receive it. The right service is vital to us, because without it our customers can’t enjoy themselves. That’s why we custom string your tennis racket, fine-tune the clips on your mountain bike or help you choose the skis right for you so you can relax and maximize your enjoyment! Tradition. Community. Expertise. Those are more than watchwords; they are how we define our passion for sports. If you feel the same, visit one of our locations and see how 80 years of having fun can put a smile on your face.

Wondering where we got the Princeton Sports name from? Our grandparents came from Princeton, New Jersey! This is a really cool commercial from years ago featuring Ned Overend, professional bicycle racer.