Bicycle Gear & Accessories

Bike Accessories

Dressing properly and equipping yourself with the right bike gear and accessories is important for your safety and can enhance your riding experience. Check out the tips below on selecting the right cycling gear, or come in and speak with one our in-store bike experts!

Always pack a cell phone, emergency money , ID and emergency contact information. Before every ride check your tire pressure and fill your water bottle!

The Essentials
Cycling Shorts/Bibs/Tights
Bottles and Cages
Seat Bag
Spare Tube
Tire levers & C02

For You
Cycling Jersey
Arm Warmers
Leg Warmers
Shoe Covers
Food/Energy Gels

For Your Bicycle
Multi Tool
Small Pump
Lube and a Rag
Car Rack
Bell or Horn

Bike Helmets

Helmets are invaluable to your safety when riding a bicycle. After all, we only get one head! At Princeton Sports we carry a large selection of helmets from Specialized, Giant, Cannondale and Triple-8. We've got you covered whether you are racing triathlons, picking through single-track or just cruising around town.

Bike Racks/Carriers

At Princeton Sports we carry the best selection of roof, hitch, and trunk mounted bike carriers for your vehicle from Thule and Saris. Come see one of our specialists today and your bikes will be riding in style in no time!

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes have a stiff sole to distribute the pressure of pedaling across the full surface area of your foot, which would feel focused under the ball of your foot in a standard athletic shoe. We carry an impressive array of cycling shoes from Specialized, Giant, Mavic and FiveTen for all your cycling needs. Our bike experts are waiting to help you find the perfect shoe!


The primary purpose of cycling shoes and pedals is to enhance comfort, endurance, and power on your bicycle. Clipless pedals can more than double the efficiency of a pedal stroke by allowing the rider to use a larger muscle group. If you’re looking to crush hills, add on mileage, or take your riding to the next level, clipless pedals are a great next step.

If you are considering clipless pedals for the first time, we know that it can be an intimidating process. Speak with one of our bike experts about scheduling an appointment to bring in your bike, and we will help you select the best shoes and pedals, install them, and get you comfortable on an in-store trainer before you even need to worry about hitting the road or trails!

Not interested in going clipless? Not to worry, we carry a great selection of platform pedals and shoes as well!

Cycling Gloves

Gloves are a valuable addition to your cycling gear and shouldn't be overlooked. They cushion your grip as you ride, ensuring that your blood flow and nervous pathways are unobstructed, keeping numbness at bay. They also provide physical protection, shielding your hands from debris while riding off-road and helping to minimize injury in the case of a crash.

Cycling Accessories

No matter what cycling accessory you are looking for, you will find it at Princeton Sports! Lights, bells, bags, streamers, spoke beads, baskets, fenders... The list goes on and on! Stop by and our in-house experts will help you find whatever you are looking for.