Ski and Snowboard

Ski & Snowboard

Our ski and snowboard experts are out on the mountain with our manufacturers demoing the latest equipment and industry technology every season. First hand knowledge goes into selecting our stellar inventory every year, and that is why you get not only the best pick of the latest products, but superior advice and service from our passionate & friendly experts. We stock a deep inventory of skis, snowboards, boots & bindings, and every accessory you need for a safe, warm, & fun season on the slopes! We feature a full tune and repair shop at our very conveniant Baltimore location. 

All Mountain Skis

All Mountain Skis

Built to conquer, all mountain skis are designed for versatility. They feature a variety of waist widths and tip/tail rocker profiles to accommodate your favorite terrain, although they are versatile enough to excel anywhere. All mountain skis are perfect companions to any skier who hungers to tame the wild…with only one set of skis. All mountain skis are available in flat-mount or as a system, where the binding is pre-mounted, our ski experts can help you decide which option is best for you. Take full advantage of the mountain on any given day, and create that endless winter you’ve been dreaming about.

Powder Skis

Let's face it, these are the skis we wish we were on every day. If you are lucky enough to be heading out to ride the steep and deep, stop by Princeton Sports first to outfit yourself properly for the trip. We carry an impressive selection of wider powder skis and have the know-how to help you select the best toys so you can have the most fun!

Park Skis

These skis are typically true twins, symmetrical tip to tail in shape and flex, allowing you to ski forward or backward with ease. Park skis are softer in flex, making them more forgiving and offering better performance and control at lower speeds. You’ll definitely enjoy our park skis as you amaze your friends with the newest tricks, either in the park or while free-riding at your favorite resort. Park skis are also an excellent option for beginner to intermediate skiers who like to cruise the groomed runs or prefer more speed control.

All-Mountain Snowboards

All Mountain Boards

Come browse our impressive inventory of all mountain snowboards for men and women from premier brands like Burton, Arbor, Capita, Ride and Never Summer. All mountain boards are for the rider who likes to ride the WHOLE mountain! They are typically stiffer than park boards for quicker edge to edge action and greater control at faster speeds. These boards come in Rocker, Flat, Hybrid and traditional camber profiles to suit the style of riding that you enjoy best. Our in-house snowboard experts will help you pick out your next ride, whether you are just starting out, or expanding your quiver. Come see us today and smile all season long!

Park Snowboards

We carry a great selection of park snowboards for men and women from Burton, Arbor, Capita, Ride, & Never Summer. Park Snowboards are typically symmetrical in shape (twin), making it easy to ride both regular and switch for ultimate maneuverability when performing spins, jumps, presses and riding rails. They are softer in flex, making them more forgiving when your trick doesn't go as planned and providing better control at slower speeds. This soft flex also makes them a popular choice for newer riders looking to progress in the sport.